Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Discussion On Linked In - Has the South Lost it's Manners?

 I have been following this discussion for a couple of weeks.

A few hours ago - around 1:30 - I was on Silas Creek Parkway headed to Bolton Street. There was a funeral procession leaving Hayworth Miller requiring several cars to cut into the left hand turn lane. There was a police escort leading the procession. The entire intersection stopped and paused for at least 5 minutes. There were no honking horns while the lights cycled through at least twice. When the last car with the procession went through the intersection, everyone took their turn at waiting through the next cycle of lights. This is a typical Southern tradition, and everyone participated quietly with dignity and respect.

I have lived in the South for 33 years. I believe it is our manners that make up the manners of the South. Individually, we become the collective visual for the rest of the world. Let's all do our part!